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Starts :  Nov 29, 2021 12:00 PM CST
Ends: Dec 08, 2021 07:00 PM CST

221 Items
Item # Description
Lot - 1

2002 Buick LES, 4 door, V6 motor. Leather interior, 154,223 miles. The motor has a slight miss to it, transmission shifts a little hard, this vehicle was driven in. All it probably needs is a good engine tune-up and a fresh transmission oil change. Tires have lots of tread on them, however the aluminum wheels have the usual big leak.

Lot - 2

Utility trailer that needs some TLC. Good axle, springs and hubs.

Lot - 3

Oak half barrel. Great project for next years flower garden.

Lot - 4

15’ x 12’ three room cabin dome tent by Jeep. It appears to be complete.

Lot - 5

This is a shipping container by Golf Guard that’s ready to travel to any golf course location south of here.

Lot - 6

Two pairs of cross country skis. 1 - 7' and 1 - 6', both appear to be in good condition.

Lot - 7

Two Coleman electric lanterns, both need new batteries.

Lot - 8

Two NFL Official footballs that appear to be in great condition.

Lot - 9

A vintage wooden highchair in good condition.

Lot - 10

Portable Pack and Play. Seems to be in good condition.

Lot - 11

This is a vintage Nutting dolly for moving glass. It appears to be in great condition.

Lot - 12

Two good chain binders.

Lot - 13

A heavy duty shovel in great condition.

Lot - 14

Milwaukee Skil saw works as it should but needs a new cord.

Lot - 15

Skil saw works as it should.

Lot - 16

Black & Decker router and a hand held grinder. Both work as they should.

Lot - 17

This is a heavy duty scroll saw manufactured by Central machinery. Works as it should.

Lot - 18

Two manual drills that appear to be in good condition.

Lot - 19

Bottle jack, grease gun, hacksaw. They all work as they should.

Lot - 20

14.4 V Milwaukee drill works as it should. There is no charger.

Lot - 21

18 V Milwaukee saws all. No battery included.

Lot - 22

18 V Milwaukee Skil saw. No battery included.

Lot - 23

Milwaukee 18 V lithium ion battery.

Lot - 24

Very old vintage lantern that would make a great wall hanger in your man cave.

Lot - 25

This helmet has headphones, microphone, and is used to drive tanks. A very unique piece of military equipment. Hard to get a hold of.

Lot - 26

This wrist rocket appears to be in good working condition.

Lot - 27

This daisy BB gun appears to work as it should.

Lot - 28

This daisy BB gun works as it should. Could use a good cleaning and oiling.

Lot - 29

This daisy BB gun works as it should. Could use a good cleaning and oiling.The air piston seems to be a little sticky but works.

Lot - 30

This Mattel Winchester cap gun works as it should.

Lot - 31

All of these BB guns need a little TLC. Some I’m sure is a simple fix.

Lot - 32

The auto right buffer and red craftsman trouble light work as they should the yellow trouble light may need a new bulb.

Lot - 33

This is a brand new cutlery set made by Quikut.

Lot - 34

This is a NSF commercial rice cooker. It has a natural gas hook up. It is made by Rinnai.It works as it should.

Lot - 35

Stainless steel commercial cart in good condition but needs a really good cleaning.

Lot - 36

Two hand towel dispensers and two toilet paper dispensers with keys and cash register untested. All need a good cleaning.

Lot - 37

This is a commercial cart in good condition but needs a really good cleaning.

Lot - 38

Stainless steel commercial cart in good condition but needs a really good cleaning.

Lot - 39

This is an 18 inch gold plated 925 silver necklace made in Italy. It is in beautiful condition. It weighs exactly 1 g.

Lot - 40

A nice assortment of basketball and soccer balls.

Lot - 41

This is a warming furniture cover made by Serta. 100% polyester. It works as it should.

Lot - 42

This is a vintage hubcap for a De Soto car.

Lot - 43

Five nice construction cones to keep you safe.

Lot - 44

This is a vintage Schmidt beer tap handle. It is in great condition.

Lot - 45

This is a vintage Stroh’s tap handle.It is an excellent condition.

Lot - 46

This is a vintage Heileman’s old style beer tap.

Lot - 47

This is a Heileman’s old style beer tap.

Lot - 48

This is a forever Red perfume created by Bath and Bodyworks.

Lot - 49

10 speed maximum terrain mountain bike made by Kent. It appears to be in good condition.

Lot - 50

This is a 21 speed mountain bike made by Giant. It appears to be in great condition.

Lot - 51

Nike Air shoes size 11 1/2 in great condition.

Lot - 52

Size 10 1/2 Nike training shoe. In great condition.

Lot - 53

Nike revolution 2 they are in great condition. Size 12.

Lot - 54

This is a vintage tea pot that has been converted into a flower pot they drilled holes in the bottom for drainage.

Lot - 55

This is a vintage leather doctors bag. The zipper needs repair but there does not appear to be any rips or tears in the leather. Quite the unique piece.

Lot - 56

This Coleman camping stove that runs on propane appears to have been used only once. It is in great condition.

Lot - 57

This vintage flag has been mounted on a oak picture frame to Display its beauty for a long time.

Lot - 58

This Bissell Proheat shampooer powers up and appears to work as it should. Has manuals and most attachments.

Lot - 59

This is a Bosch hammer drill that works as it should.

Lot - 60

Bosch hammer drill works as it should. Could really use a new power cord however.

Lot - 61

A box of miscellaneous tools.

Lot - 62

This is a vintage up draft carburetor appears to be complete.

Lot - 63

Plastic pallet for storage.

Lot - 64

Many foreign paper currencies that most appear to be uncirculated. Excellent addition to your collection.

Lot - 65

Quite the variety of foreign currency most of it is uncirculated.

Lot - 66

A nice selection of foreign currency most of them are uncirculated.

Lot - 67

2 - XX wrangler children’s shirts brand new.

Lot - 68

Blaze orange hunting jacket child size medium.

Lot - 69

A new girls child size jacket medium in great condition.Made by Urbanology.

Lot - 70

A nice selection of helmets for whatever you’re doing.

Lot - 71

2 - Nice helmets for snowmobiling and motorcycling.

Lot - 72

Two brand new ceiling lights in perfect condition.

Lot - 73

A parking lot Stryper with full can of white paint. Works as it should.

Lot - 74

Two toolboxes filled with miscellaneous tools.

Lot - 75

Some nice items for the household.

Lot - 76

A nice child’s beginner compound bow.

Lot - 77

A nice large plastic tub with two handles for carrying items.

Lot - 78

A nice size wicker basket in good condition.

Lot - 79

Wicker basket in fair condition.

Lot - 80

Two sets of US divers swim fins and snorkel and mask appear to be brand new.

Lot - 81

14 inch cast-iron walk in great condition.

Lot - 82

A nice pair of camouflage pants size medium inseam 26 1/2 inches to 29 1/2 inches waist 31 to 35 inches. Camouflage cap in good condition.Size unknown.

Lot - 83

Two leather baseball gloves well broken.

Lot - 84

A beautiful wicker bassinet in fantastic condition.

Lot - 85

A nice selection of tools for your every project.

Lot - 86

This is a vintage Duluth school district police boys knife very old but yet complete. A little TLC and be like new. Can you imagine if they still gave these out!!

Lot - 87

Personal protection billy club.

Lot - 88

A nice selection of tools for the garage.

Lot - 89

Nice selection of tools and toolbox for the garage.

Lot - 90

Some good boat bumpers.

Lot - 91

A full case of 72 adult diapers size XL1.

Lot - 92

Metal washtub in good condition.

Lot - 93

A nice wicker basket with a cover.

Lot - 94

Some nice items for the household.

Lot - 95

Two hunting vest one is an extra large the other one is a large. They could use a good washing.

Lot - 96

Size large Remington waders. They are designed to be used in boots or shoes.

Lot - 97

Some items for hunting. Hip boots appeared to be size 11, backpack, camo netting, and more.

Lot - 98

Two good thermoses.

Lot - 99

Notepads, pencils Post-it’s , envelopes , all sorts of items for supplies for the office.

Lot - 100

Some beautiful nice size holiday table cloths.

Lot - 101

Some beautiful Christmas plates made in Germany.

Lot - 102

Some really nice Christmas decorations for the house.

Lot - 103

These are the cutest knickknacks for the holiday. They are made out of resin and well-built.

Lot - 104

Some brand new holiday season towels.

Lot - 105

Some brand new picture frames for the household.

Lot - 106

This hover board was received damaged do not know if it’s fixable or not. Might be a fun project just to find out.( it does not work)

Lot - 107

Nine reams of 8 1/2" x 14" copy paper.

Lot - 108

Some beautiful uranium depression glass.

Lot - 109

This is a very old coffee jar with the cover and labels and glass all in excellent condition.

Lot - 110

Snap, crackle, pop, these squeaky toys are in excellent condition. This is a very rare fine!!

Lot - 111

A vintage coffee jar and a vintage glass eyewash cup.

Lot - 112

Some very interesting railroad memorabilia.

Lot - 113

This is a F.C. Hayer Co. tie clasp given to promote RCA tv’s. Not sure if it is gold plated or not but it looks beautiful.

Lot - 114

Some brand new still in the container train Christmas ornaments and one fire truck ornament.

Lot - 115

Texaco tugboat bank appears to be new and in the box.

Lot - 116

Some old and interesting pendants.

Lot - 117

Some nice linens to decorate the house.

Lot - 118

Brand new skill cordless drill.

Lot - 119

Black & Decker cordless 7.2 V drill. Works as it should.

Lot - 120

This vintage milk can has been beautifully decorated. Great addition to anyone’s house or porch. This item has been signed by the artist.

Lot - 121

A nice starter set of kids toy tools and toolbox.

Lot - 122

Some items for the garage.

Lot - 123

230 V tablesaw appears to be complete but do not have the power to test it.

Lot - 124

Some nice items for the household. Wood cutting board, silverware, Pyrex container with cover, Rubbermaid container with cover, Tupperware Marinade or, heavy duty cleaning bucket.

Lot - 125

Some nice items for camping, duckhunting and more.

Lot - 126

Some nice storage crates for the house and garage.

Lot - 127

Some nice storage crates for the house.

Lot - 128

Some nice equipment for different kinds of sports.

Lot - 129

Some fun games and jigsaw puzzle.

Lot - 130

Portable air tank appears to be in great condition.

Lot - 131

Some nice vintage crates and window box.

Lot - 132

Some nice equipment for backpacking. A camo backpack, two smaller packs, suspenders, radio back.

Lot - 133

Some nice handy containers for the yard projects.

Lot - 134

For storage containers with covers.

Lot - 135

Interesting license plates for your collection.

Lot - 136

A very nice large selection of earrings.

Lot - 137

A case of 200 FedEx legal size reusable envelopes.

Lot - 138

A wide selection of cleaning supplies for the home.

Lot - 139

Heavy duty extra large rain jacket with hood and heavy duty rain pants size large.

Lot - 140

Lots of new lights , new decorations and new table cloths.

Lot - 141

Lots of new candles and more for the household.

Lot - 142

Some decorative lighting a Santa music box a brand new snowman cookie jar and more.

Lot - 143

Fila size 7 1/2 woman’s shoe.They look to be in good condition.

Lot - 144

This is a vintage metal medicine cabinet. It looks a little rough but is in great condition. Could be refinished and look like brand new. The mirror is in great condition also.

Lot - 145

Panasonic camera with carrying case and tripod. Battery is dead so it is untested.

Lot - 146

Women’s bladder control pads and control underwear size XL.

Lot - 147

Adult disposable underwear size large. A full case of 100.

Lot - 148

Clinton engine manufactured in Maquoketa Iowa.It appears to be somewhat complete. Cannot get it to turn over with the rope however. For parts or repair.

Lot - 149

Some festive holiday stuffed figures.

Lot - 150

Some very beautiful decorations for the holiday season.

Lot - 151

This is a commemorative penny from 1974. It is not real US currency. It was propaganda against President Nixon.I just kind of a neat thing to have.

Lot - 152

Some beautiful Christmas decorations for the house.

Lot - 153

Some nice knickknacks for the holiday season.

Lot - 154

Wrapping paper and a selection of bows and ribbon and a nice three drawer cabinet.

Lot - 155

A nice selection of baskets for the household.

Lot - 156

Storage totes with covers.

Lot - 157

Two camera tripod’s. In good condition.

Lot - 158

A nice set of workout equipment from golds gym.

Lot - 159

Native American drum.

Lot - 160

Some nice kitchen utensils. Some expensive knives by Chicago cutlery. There are some vintage kitchen utensils that appear to be in great condition. Oak and ceramic Lazy Susan.

Lot - 161

Some wonderful smelling candles.

Lot - 162

These three bowls are made out of leaded glass in Germany. There are no chips or cracks these are new.

Lot - 163

Some nice keepsake decorations for the holiday season.

Lot - 164

Some nice items for the household.

Lot - 165

12 brand new never used lead crystal candleholders, Lead Crystal hors d’oeuvre tray and stainless steel tongs.

Lot - 166

EMFM with five function clock mini boom box. It is brand new and would make a great stocking stuffer.

Lot - 167

A.m. FM radio with five function clock mini boom box. It is brand new and would make a great stocking stuffer.

Lot - 168

18 inch dream catcher necklace with some beautiful beads that may be silver not sure.

Lot - 169

Fossilized Nautilis on a 24 inch necklace appears to be silver but not sure.

Lot - 170

This appears to be an arrowhead made out of black onyx. I have no way of verifying it however. But it truly is a nice piece.It is on a 26 inch necklace.

Lot - 171

A nice selection of different types of jewelry.

Lot - 172

Two really cute jewelry boxes with keys.

Lot - 173

Giant sized Star Wars Darth Vader figurine. 31 inches tall, and a play along helmet for the human.

Lot - 174

Girls, size large tights. Five pair. 

Lot - 175

3M Self laminating ID protectors with clips, there are 25 to each package plus another five sheets of self laminating sheets.

Lot - 176

Mini magnetic dry erase boards by Really Good Stuff. There are 11, approx 6" x 9" boards.  Also, an Expo dry erase set. Great reusable teaching tool. 

Lot - 177

This is a nice, vintage, made in the USA, 1989 Chief Eagle Feather buckle by Arroyo Granda Buckle Co. It is quite unique. 

Lot - 178

This is a beautiful unique piece. Nine cascading, running wild Mustangs. It needs cleaning, and it is heavy. We do not know what it is made of, plaster or a resin maybe.

Lot - 179

Here are a few collectible items. EC comics 1950's and Capcom.

Lot - 180

A set of Texas license plates and one Wyoming plate

Lot - 181

A beautiful necklace and bracelet set. Both pieces stretch to fit and they’re both made of wood.

Lot - 182

Another uniquely beautiful necklace made of wood.

Lot - 183

Small decorative jewelry box, abalone bracelet and a costume jeweled watch

Lot - 184

A nice warm pair of Minnesota Duluth UMD socks. They are used and need to be washed.

Lot - 185

Betty Boop Fans! Brand new Betty Boop, official licensed product, Wallet. 

Lot - 186

Ozark Trail outdoor equipment shower utility room. It is 3.5‘ x 3.5‘ x 7.2’. Seems to be complete. 

Lot - 187

If you’re into belly dancing here is a very cute black velvet skirt hip scarf. Shake that boodie!!

Lot - 188

Some fun items for the little girl in your family

Lot - 189

The Walt Disney Treasure Chest. This is a four, large paperback book collection of Walt Disney’s 101 Dalmations, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, and Bambi story books. The illustrations are amazing. 

Lot - 190

A new foot massager with vibration and comfort fabric. 

Lot - 191

Some interesting oriental items. Two beautiful etched vases, Kimmidoll writing pad and doll Yuna and five cups. One of which has a small chip which is pictured.

Lot - 192

A used Marvel, Spiderman skateboard. 17" x 5". 

Lot - 193

Vintage Terracotta of Chinese Qin Dynasty warriors and horse. The men are in superior condition. The box shows lots of wear    

Lot - 194

Pokémon C Watch and a Pikachu backpack or luggage tag. Watch will need a battery.

Lot - 195

Two brand new three piece Christmas towel sets. 

Lot - 196

Three brand new sets of Christmas kitchen towels.

Lot - 197

Three brand new sets and one single holiday hand towels.

Lot - 198

Two different sets of holiday bathroom sets, each has a large bath towel with two hand towels. Great gift sets for that single person in your family.

Lot - 199

4 rolls of roof ridge vent.

Lot - 200

Neon sign for McGillicuddy‘s works as it should.

Lot - 201

Grain Belt neon sign that works. Perfect for the man cave.

Lot - 202

Are we in the tropic? Nice LED Corona sign that works as it should. 

Lot - 203

A good quality made machete from Brazil. Total length is 23 inches long.

Lot - 204

A compact air compressor that works as it should.

Lot - 205

Ammo box.

Lot - 206

Revlon color silk number 10 black.

Lot - 207

These four Tupperware pieces are brand new still in the package. It would make a great Christmas gift.

Lot - 208

This is a NSF rack with five shelves on a rolling cart with vinyl cover. This is in great condition just dusty from sitting.

Lot - 209

This is a heavy duty cart made by Cambro for the transporting of plates. It is in fantastic condition.

Lot - 210

This is a heavy duty cart manufactured by Cambro for the moving and storing of plates. It is in fantastic condition.

Lot - 211

Start thinking about spring! Here at two blue planter urns. Large one is approx 9.5" high and 9.5" in diameter, small one is approx 8" high x 7" in diameter They need cleaning but they are very heavy and sturdy. 

Lot - 212

Are two very nice planter urns in blue. Both are approx 7.5" high by 7.5" in diameter. 

Lot - 213

Three more really nice planter pots. Large blue one is approx 8 1/2" x 10" diameter, the tan one is approx 7" x 7.5" diameter and smaller blue one is approx 6.5" x 7.5" diameter. 

Lot - 214

Two nice decorative boxes. They both have a weaved rattan design to them. Light colored is approx 7.5" x 11" x 17" and the dark brown one is approx 7" x 11" x 8". 

Lot - 215

Brand new pair of Lands End size 16 mid rise chino crop pants. 

Lot - 216

This is a nice Go and Grow high chair and booster seat. It is in very good clean condition. The seat and back are all adjustable to fit your growing child. 

Lot - 217

Two brand new 4mg nicotine lozenges, 24 to each bottle, sugar free. Expiration date is 01/2023.

Lot - 218

A bunch of miscellaneous items for the household. Minnesota wild six pack holder, dish made in Italy, two microwave omelette maker’s, three pet dishes and more

Lot - 219

And we have a couple of Arbonne products, facial microneedling roller by Plum, and hair accessories. 

Lot - 220

Nine Brain Games puzzle books.

Lot - 221

Three stacks of commercial dishwasher trays in excellent condition. They can be adjusted for height of item being washed.